Below that, you'll find general financial advice as well as some money-making program for our partners.

A few easy ways to make money within the comfort of your own home or anywhere.

"FXastarino Partner offers a partnership program ideal for individuals or companies who wish to develop their own business as a partner of a globally recognized brand."


A- Marketing Partners: We provide a full range of advanced marketing tools, personal support to meet the full range of our affiliates and client needs.

B- Winner Click: Say about us, Join our Discussion Forums, Visit our Pages and make a comment.

C- News Clip: Provide best Forex News Clip and take a winning clip.

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How to Make Money!

Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

Some affiliates earn 4-5 figure monthly incomes with the Tradekit Affiliate program.

Website owners, plug into the hot online forex and commodity market for high referral and traffic conversion revenue.

How the Tradekit Affiliate prg works:

1-You refer traffic from your website or blog to Tradekit

2-Your referred visitor opens up a Live trading account and starts trading with us

3-You get compensated when the client you referred to us becomes active

Do you need webhosting?

We provide you for free

* Terms and Conditions apply


IB Program

Introduce your clients and earn commissions for each investor referred to TRADEKIT; and connections to the fully licensed and regulated brokerage service offered by TRADEKIT and a wide range of powerful trading platforms, tools and support. Our Support Center can discuss with you the best ways to get our partnership up and running as soon as possible so you can start earning.

Tradekit IB program is completely free to join and is ideal for individuals and institutions who wish to earn commission by directing new clients to Forex Markets.

The registration process is easy. Tradekit Support Center can offer advice on any aspect of your role as an Introducing Broker. Flexible payment schedule, from real-time payments as soon as a client closes a position to monthly payments based on the client's activity.

* Terms and Conditions apply


Winner Click

we believe people must learn the basics of how to trade forex before they jump into the volatile, exciting forex market. Learn to Trade Forex, and Open a demo account both free.During Practice Trading Forex Risk Free you can start to compete too.

It's simple and easy. Just follow the steps to register to Tradekit Competitions for free and win.

Learn how the Tradekit Winner Click works and be a one of Top Ten Winners :

1- Say about us

2- Join our Discussion Forums

3- make a comment.

4- Result history account

One of the benefits of competing is improved your trading. One reason is that regular competition forces you to cycle your training.

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News Clip

This is an online program and everyone in the world can take part!

you can mak a video for a special Market and Forex news which you will share with other members!

Tradekit would like to ask you to participate in it. You can take part no matter where you are, and it is really very easy, you don't need to have special skills or excellent equipment!!

It's simple and easy. Just follow the steps to register to Tradekit Competitions for free and win.

Learn how the Tradekit News Clip works and be a one of Top Ten Winners :

1- Make a short video of your news - a few minutes will do!

2- Send the video

3- ...That is all!

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